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In 1927 Carl Spitz started the Hollywood Dog Training School, still one of the largest and oldest institutions of its kind. Since 1962 it has been run by his son, Carl Spitz, Jr. Mr. Spitz received his early training instrucion in his native Germany starting in 1919 and has ever since then been associated with the training of dogs.

In 1926 he immigrated to the United States and for one year trained dogs in Chicaco. The move to California and the formation of his Hollywood training school follewed the next year. Some of the dogs Mr. Spitz has trained include the two Great Danes for Big Boy with Al Jolson; the Saint Bernard in the first Moby Dick with Lionel Barrymore; Toto the Cairn Terrier belonging to Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz; Buck, the dog lead in the Clark Gable movie The Call of the Wild; and the Great Dane in The Most Dangerous Game, to name a few.

In 1941 the War Department Quartermaster Corps requester that Mr. Spitz organize the first continental platoon of war dogs in Stockton, California. He later organizer another in Pomona. In 1942 it was off to Washington to help with the training of the first men and dogs for the K-9 Corps and to help draft the first instructions for war dog training. In 1943 Carl Spitz assisted the U.S. Marine Corps in training their first combat war dog platoon, which served so well in Bougainville.

Mr. Spitz first began judging the obedience classes around 1935 and wrote a book on obedience training in 1938. This book was updated recently. One of his most recent judging assignments was at the 47th Annual Specialty Show and Obedience Trial of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America in Maumee, Ohio, on October 5th, 1972.

When speaking of Dobermans as working dogs and recalling Carl Spitz and his Hollywood Training School, we must realize that the trained movie dogs have not always worked to the advantage of their breed.

It seems that whenever a "vicious" dog is requred for the plot of a movie its always a "snarling" Doberman pictured lungeing at the end of a least with teeth bared. An October, 1975, telecast of a film entitled They Only Kill Their Masters was aired on CBS-TV and "starred" Doberman Pinschers. The film contained such detrimental phrases in reference to the dog as "ate the lady," and "vicious attack." This certainly is no help in our efforts to educate the public to fact only trained Dobermans attack on command and the temperament of the avarage Doberman will blend remarkably well with a family routine and way of life.


(1933) The Kennel Murder Case [video]
(1946) It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog
(1950) Captain Carey, U.S.A.
(1957) Untamed Youth [video]
(1957) Perry Mason: The Case of the Negligent Nymph [more information]
(1965) Vaaksa vaaraa [Elonet database]
(1966) 'Manos': The Hands of Fate
(1966) Monty Python's Flying Circus
(1972) They Only Kill Their Masters
(1972) To Kill A Clown
(1972) The Doberman Gang [video1][video2]
(1973) The Long Goodbye
(1973) Trapped
(1973) The Daring Dobermans
(1974) Thunderbolt And Lightfoot
(1975) Dog Day Afternoon
(1976) Embryo aka Created to Kill
(1976) The Amazing Dobermans
(1978) Columbo: How to Dial a Murder video:[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]
(1978) The Boys From Brazil [video]
(1978) Mean Dog Blues
(1978) Dracula's Dog [video]
(1979) Love at First Bite
(1979) Alex and the Dobermann Gang
(1980) Magnum P.I.
(1980) The Exterminator
(1981) Sharky's Machine
(1982) Conan The Barbarian
(1982) Firefox
(1982) Tenebre aka Tenebrae
(1982) The Border
(1982) First Blood aka Rambo: First Blood
(1984) Against All Odds
(1984) Suburbia
(1984) Firestarter
(1985) Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins
(1985) Commando
(1985) Clue
(1985) Tuff Turf
(1985) Fletch
(1986) MacGyver: The Enemy Within
(1986) Wildcats
(1986) The Boy Who Could Fly
(1987) Burglar
(1987) Blind Date
(1987) Armour of God aka Long xiong hu di
(1987) The Pick-up Artist
(1987) The Secret of My Succe$s
(1987) Raising Arizona
(1987) Lady Beware
(1987) Date with an Angel
(1988) Satisfaction aka Girls of Summer
(1988) Ruthless People
(1988) A Fish Called Wanda
(1988) L'Ours
(1988) I'm Gonna Git You Sucka [video]
(1988) The Twilight Zone: Acts of Terror [more information]
(1989) After Midnight
(1989) Los Placeres ocultos
(1989) The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover
(1989) Breaking In
(1989) Tango & Cash
(1990) Street Hunter
(1990) Downtown
(1991) Father of the Bride
(1991) F/X2 aka The Deadly Art of Illusion
(1991) The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear
(1991) Another You
(1991) Quantum Leap: Unchained-November 2,1956
(1991) Eyes of an Angel aka The Tender [trailer]
(1992) Diggstown aka Midnight Sting
(1992) Beethoven
(1992) Nickel & Dime
(1992) El Mariachi
(1992) Tuhlaajapoika
(1992) Marskin poika [dobermann was Nemesis Alida v. Norden Stamm]
(1992) Death Becomes Her
(1993) The Real McCoy
(1993) The Pelican Brief
(1993) True Romance
(1993) Jack The Bear
(1994) Nobody's Fool
(1994) The Next Karate Kid [video]
(1994) Witch Hunt
(1994) The Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila attempted murder via Doberman [video]
(1994) True Lies
(1995) Storybook
(1995) Palookaville
(1995) Father of the Bride Part II
(1996) Unhold, Der aka The Ogre
(1997) Lawn Dogs
(1997) Dobermann
(1997) Sairaan Kaunis Maailma [dobermann was Ecco vd Westmark][Elonet database]
(1997) Frasier: Are You Being Served?
(1998) Shadowbuilder [dobermann was Solar's Arkell's The Phoenix]
(1998) Soldier
(1998) I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
(1998) Shadow of Doubt aka Reasonable Doubt
(1999) K-911
(1999) Instinct
(1999) Lovers Lane
(1999) Detroit Rock City aka The Kiss Movie
(1999) Dobermann
(2000) Bedazzled
(2000) Gone In 60 Seconds
(2000) The 6th Day
(2000) Amores perros
(2000) Bait
(2000) Sex and the City: Sex and Another City
(2001) Cats & Dogs
(2001) "Night Visions" The Doghouse
(2001) The Caveman's Valentine
(2001) America's Sweethearts
(2001) Yamakasi - Les samouraïs des temps modernes [pictures]
(2002) Resident Evil
(2002) My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117
(2003) Cradle 2 the Grave
(2003) Johnny English
(2003) Monk: Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame
(2004) Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
(2004) Daddy's Boy
(2004) Garden State
(2004) Garfield
(2004) Resident Evil: Apocalypse
(2004) Man on Fire
(2005) Cerberus
(2005) The Brothers Grimm
(2005) James
(2005) Imagine Me & You
(2005) Monster-in-Law
(2005) Murphy's Law: The Goodbye Look
(2006) Flags of Our Fathers [dobermanns was Fanta di Altobello and 
       Rainbow di Altobello [pictures [1][2]
(2006) Bones: the Blonde in the Game
(2006) Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates the Class President
(2006) Entourage: The Release
(2006) The Unit: Off the Meter
(2006) Nochnoi Dozor [dobermann was Irinland Josefina Jose[pictures]
(2007) War
(2007) Eastern Promises
(2007) The Golden Compass [trailer][trailer]
(2007) Firehouse Dog
(2007) At the End of My Leash
(2007) The Knights of Prosperity - Operation: Oswald Montecristo
(2008) Beverly Hills Chihuahua [dobermann was Vice Versa Baron Brayton]
(2008) Marley & Me
(2008) The Bold and the Beautiful [video] Dobermann was Arkan Kazimir v. Rubenhof
(2009) G-Force

(1988) A-Ha: The Blood That Moves The Body

(1993) Snoop Dog - What's my name

(1994) Mariah Carey: All I want for Christmas

(1998) Madonna: Frozen

(2000) 'N Sync: Bye Bye Bye

(2000) Marilyn Manson: The Nobodies

(2001) Kylie Minogue: Red Blooded Woman

(2001) Westlife: World Of Our Own

(2001) Dezl [video] [more information]Dobermanns was: Irinland Duc Dufer, Irinland Josefina Jose, Irinland Lotta Laura, Irinland Reina Robusta, Escobar Casa Di Oz

(2003) Enrique Iglesias: Addicted

(2003) Sylver: Livin' My Life

(2003) The Feelers - The Fear

(2004) Destiny's Child: Soldier

(2004) The Rasmus: Funeral Song

(2004) Thunderstone: Burning
Dobermanns was: Bavaria, Cvarelli iz Doma Domeni, Fjordneck Brio Bolero,Hainide Rolls-Royce and Marvinette's Double Dodge.[Trained by Mika Myyry]

(2005) Scissor Sisters: I don't feel like dancing

(2006) Radiohead: Street Spirit

(2006) End of You: Walking with no one Dobermann was: Fjordneck Brio Bolero

(2006) Lordi: It snows in hell

(2006) Cradle of Filth: Babylon AD

(2007) Glukoza [more information] Dobermann was Irinland Duc Dufer

(2007) "Aria" and dobermanns Irinland

(2007) Movetron: Ei kenenkään maa

(2008) Csézy - Candlelight - Eurovision 2008 Hungary

(2008) DEATHSTARS: Death Dies Hard

Fjordneck Brio Bolero in Walking with no one

Thunderstone: Burning, Dobermanns was: Bavaria, Cvarelli iz Doma Domeni, Fjordneck Brio Bolero,
Hainide Rolls-Royce and Marvinette's Double Dodge.(Trained by Mika Myyry)

(200?) Dobermanns in Theater "Aladdin" [Denmark] [pictures and story - look under link Aladdin] Dobermanns was:Jotunheim's Pegrim, Jotunheim's Opus, Jotunheim's Gambara and Cora. Understudy Kiwi v.d. Araquoruro.

(2006) Dobermanns in Puls beer advertisement: [Estonia] video& pictures
Dobermanns was: Yacheero´s Elite Emanuele, Yacheero`s Firstlady Farah and Yacheero`s Inspired Of Indra.

(2006) Tui TV Commercial - NZ [New Zealand] [video]

(2006) The commercial of [video] Dobermann was: Autumnblue v.t. Hof Ter Helle

(2006) BMW M GmbH : Unleashed BMW M commercial [video]Dobermanns was: Gräfin Harmony of Mon-ja-mes and Gräfin Quitana of Mon-ja-mes

(2007) Absolut Vodga Gold commercial [video]

Saattue band promotion picture
(2007)"Saattue" band with Dobermanns Eria Pro Zino and Terra Antyda Sani Brad-Baron

(2008) KIA c'eed advertisement Dobermann was Hainide Lanno-Lannes

(2006) BMW M GmbH : Unleashed BMW M commercial [video]Dobermanns was: Gräfin Harmony of Mon-ja-mes and Gräfin Quitana of Mon-ja-mes


Rita Hayworth with her 
Doberman at early 40's.
Source: Hollywood Then & Now Magazine 8/1991
George Brent's Doberman with
the actor at Malibu, 1936.

Carole Landis with Dobermann in movie: It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog 1946
Carole Landis with Dobermann, 1946. [It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog]

Carole Landis with Dobermann, 1946. [It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog]

[It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog]

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[Alex and the Dobermann Gang]

[The Kennel Murder Case]

[Untamed Youth]

[Untamed Youth]

[Untamed Youth]

[The Twilight Zone: Acts of Terror: Video [1][2][3]

[Columbo: How to Dial a Murder]

[Magnum P.I.]

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
[I'm Gonna Git You Sucka]

[The Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila & Mike & Doberman]

[The Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila & Mike & Doberman]

[Love at First Bite]

[Sharky's Machine]

[The Doberman Gang]


[Eyes of an Angel aka The Tender]

[The Boys From Brazil]

[A Fish Called Wanda]

Columbo: How to Dial a Murder

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